A Guide to Staying Safe for the Holidays

Posted by The Urgency Room on Monday, November 30, 2020
Updated on: Thursday, March 4, 2021
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This year has been unorthodox in the way we celebrate with our families for special events. During the holiday season, you may find yourself wondering whether it’s safe to spend time with your family and loved ones. Many of us typically travel during this time and gather with those outside of our immediate household. And while we absolutely want to celebrate with our families during this season, it’s critical to stay safe and healthy. We’ve put together this guide for how to have safe holidays amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Holiday Safety 2020

There are a variety of guidelines put in place by the CDC for stopping the spread of Covid-19—those should not be overlooked as the holidays approach. However, Covid isn’t the only thing we need to be cautious about. Winter months bring dangerous weather, making travel unsafe at times, and because the seasonal flu also tends to go around during this time, it’s vital to practice all the safety precautions outlined by medical professionals in order to keep everyone healthy and safe. Here are our general guidelines for staying protected this holiday season.

Limit Gatherings or Try Going Virtual

We know it can be difficult to avoid family during these special moments. If you choose to gather, keep it short, small, and safe. We recommend keeping it only to those in your household. But if you want to see your extended family, try setting up a zoom celebration. 

Holiday celebrations will look much different this year for many of those who are at high risk of getting sick, but by choosing to have a virtual gathering you’ll be able to see and hear them, without risking the spread of COVID-19. A little thinking outside the box can still provide you with plenty of holiday memories and many more years with your loved ones. 

Use Precaution While Traveling

If you do choose to travel during this time, make sure you take plenty of precautions. Wear a mask while in public, wash your hands frequently after touching common surfaces, and practice social distancing to the best of your ability. If you are sick, avoid traveling at all costs. If you have symptoms, get tested and wait until you have received a negative test to proceed with your travel plans. Additionally, remember to get your flu shot for added protection each year. 

Along with taking precautions for preventing the spread of any wintertime virus, you should be cautious of winter weather, as well. Driving through snow or ice can be dangerous, potentially leading to accidents—even walking outside when it’s snowy can cause you to fall. Falling can lead to many types of injuries. Some of the most common include sprains, fractures, cuts, and scrapes. However, severe falls can lead to head, neck, or spine injuries. Make sure you are wearing proper shoes when you head outside, be aware of all your surroundings, and make sure you tell someone if you are leaving alone. 

If you or a loved one has fallen and become injured, head to The Urgency Room to be treated today. 

Ideas for Safe Holiday Celebrations

If you need some ideas for celebrating the holidays safely, we’ve come up with this list of activities that are low-risk:

  • Celebrating only with those who live with you
  • Shopping online, rather than in person
  • Going on a walk to see holiday decorations
  • Have a virtual holiday movie night with family and friends you don’t live with
  • Share your recipes with loved ones and have a virtual dinner  

While it will be remarkably different to be unable to spend the holidays with your loved ones who don’t already live with you, keeping them safe should be your top priority. COVID is more likely to spread throughout households, so ensuring that you have limited contact with people outside of yours will help curb the spread. 

Get Treated and Tested at The Urgency Room 

Whether you have fallen and think you’ve fractured your wrist or you’re feeling unwell and you’re looking for COVID-19 testing, The Urgency Room can help. We offer both in-person and virtual visits for rapid COVID testing.  Results are available in minutes.  COVID testing is scheduled same-day, and cannot be scheduled in advance.  All scheduling must be done online at Urgencyroom.com. All three locations in Eagan, Woodbury, and Vadnais heights offer rapid testing.

At The Urgency Room, our number one priority is protecting our patients, staff, and the communities we serve. We’re committed to keeping patients with non-COVID and/or respiratory concerns safe and separate at all locations and we will continue to take the necessary safety precautions at our facilities.

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