Can I Go To The Urgency Room Without Insurance

Posted by The Urgency Room on Tuesday, June 20, 2023
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Whether you’ve fallen on hard times or you’re between plans, finding medical care when you’re without insurance presents a challenge. Not every medical facility will accept patients without insurance. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about visiting The Urgency Room without insurance and answer some common questions, so you can get the care you need stress-free. 

Can I Go To The Urgency Room Without Insurance?

You may be nervous about visiting urgent care without insurance, but yes, The Urgency Room accepts patients who don’t have insurance. We accept most insurance plans, and we welcome patients without insurance.  Patients without insurance are asked to provide a deposit of $350 prior to treatment.  This deposit will go toward your services at The Urgency Room.  If your services do not reach the deposit amount, you will be refunded.  Our goal is to bring safe, affordable, and effective health care to our patients in a way that’s convenient and affordable. 

If you need to visit The Urgency Room and you don’t have insurance, you have a couple of options. You can visit one of our locations in person or do an online appointment.  A deposit is not required for telehealth services. 

While many people initially feel their concern requires an in-person visit, that’s not always the case.  We can diagnose and treat many health issues through a video visit online. Patients should consider an online appointment before an in-person visit if interested in reduced costs.  

Do I Need In-Person Care?

Sometimes it’s difficult for patients to determine whether their concerns require an in-person visit or are treatable through an online visit. We can treat many concerns and ailments through our online care services, but there are times when in-person care is necessary.

You’ll need a visit at one of our physical locations for the following reasons:

  • You have severe symptoms or acute injuries
  • You would like to a physical examination/direct care from one of our providers
  • The patient is a child less than 60 days old

Does The Urgency Room Bill You Later Without Insurance?

When considering visiting an urgent care without insurance, it’s important to understand how the facility you’re visiting charges you for the services you receive. 

For in-person visits, The Urgency Room charges a $350 deposit at the time of the visit. We’ll then send you a bill for the remaining balance after you’ve received care. This gives you time to look into ways you can affordably pay off the remainder of the balance. If your charges do not reach $350, you will be issued a refund for anything additional. 

How Much Is Urgent Care Without Insurance?

Every facility charges its patients differently. For most patients visiting urgent care without insurance, you can expect to be asked to pay a deposit upfront and receive a bill later on for the remainder of the charges. 

However, it’s helpful to note that The Urgency Room isn’t the same as most urgent care facilities and there can often be a higher fee affiliated with our services over a standard urgent care. There are many differences between a regular urgent care and The Urgency Room. Some of the most notable differences are:

  • We are staffed with board certified emergency physicians at all three of our locations.  The same doctors and providers working in hospital emergency departments across Minnesota.
  • Our ability to treat a broader range of medical concerns and conditions with our emergency expertise in medical decision making.
  • We can quickly and accurately diagnose your concerns using medical diagnostic tools that aren’t usually available at most urgent care clinics, like a CT scanner, ultrasound, and X-ray imaging
  • The Urgency Room is typically more affordable (approximately 30% cheaper) and offers quicker service than visiting the emergency room, especially without insurance

Do You Have More Questions About The Urgency Room?

Finding the right facility to treat your health concerns is vital, and we understand our patient’s need to feel confident in the choices they’re making. If you have more questions about visiting The Urgency Room or the services we provide, you can find that information in our FAQs

We also encourage our patients to call us with any questions or concerns they may have. You can contact us via phone, email :  We’re here to help!

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