Bookmark Us For When You Need Urgent Care

Instead of searching online for “urgent care near me” just bookmark The Urgency Room. On our website, you can quickly see how long the current wait time is at each of our three convenient Twin Cities locations.

Then, when it matters most, simply select the nearest location  at and get directions.right away. We’re open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 365 days of the year and ready to provide you the superior care that sets us apart from traditional emergency rooms and urgent care centers.

Since each Urgency Room is staffed with our board-certified emergency physicians and highly experienced ER nurses and paramedics, you can count on feeling better fast. Our emergency medical experts treat serious injuries and illnesses in infants, children, and adults.

Using high complexity labs, full CT, ultrasound, and radiology equipment, we blend the extensive services of a hospital’s emergency room with the speed of an urgent care clinic. This innovative concept has become a mainstay of medical care for the patients near our 3 locations because they know they can get in fast and get home soon.

  • UR Woodbury – opened in 2010, we’ve been treating our Woodbury neighbors in 10 private treatment rooms, 2 procedure rooms, and 2 consult rooms.
  • UR Eagan – opened in 2012, our second location boasts 12 private treatment rooms, 2 procedure rooms, 2 observation rooms, and 2 consult rooms.
  • UR Vadnais Heights – opened in 2013, the Vadnais Heights Urgency Room has 13 private treatment rooms, 2 procedure rooms, 2 consult rooms, and 2 observation rooms.

When it’s critical but you don’t need an ambulance, stop wondering where to get “urgent care near me” and bookmark the location of the nearest Urgency Room so you’re ready the next time you need immediate medical care.