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COVID Related Concerns:

Visit The Urgency Room if you are stable and have active symptoms of COVID. 

Questions about whether or not you should get tested?

Accordnig to the MDH, people who have symptoms should get tested. People who do not have symptoms generally should not be tested for COVID, however public health workers may recommend testing in some situations. If you have questions about testing please reference the MDH website for testing guidance and information.

Urgency Room COVID Testing Options:
All patients must see a provider, we do not offer drive-through testing.

  • Walk-in COVID Testing
    • Patients must be symptomatic to qualify for walk-in testing 
    • Walk-in testing is available at all locations daily without an appointment for patients with active symptoms
    • Results will be returned within 5 days

  • Scheduled Rapid COVID Testing 

***Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage or patient responsibility for any COVID related visits 


Non-COVID Concerns:

Visit any one of our three facilities in Eagan, Woodbury or Vadnais Heights for concerns not related to COVID.  We are doing our part to keep non-COVID and/or respiratory concerns safe and separate at all locations.  

Check out our UR Blog for other relevant health topics and education to keep you healthy and safe.

We will continue to do our part at The Urgency Room to stay on top of the latest information.  Our number one priority is protecting our patients, staff, and the communities we serve.