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Information about COVID-19 is constantly changing. If you're interested in COVID testing or in need of medical care for your symptoms, our providers are prepared to handle it all.  

COVID Testing Capabilities:

  • At this time we are offering schedule online COVID testing.  Visit our COVID Testing page to find out more information.

  • We're happy to see you in-person to care for your symptoms and concerns related to COVID however, we cannot guarantee you will be tested.  Only scheduled appointments are guaranteed a test.

About Our COVID Test:

  • We use Abbott's ID NOW™molecular test to provide rapid COVID results in minutes. If seeking specific testing results for travel and/or other entry requirements please verify the test you are looking for. Our test is a molecular NAAT (nucleic acid amplification) test. Please verify the specific test you need with your institution.  
  • Typically, there are two types of tests for COVID-19: viral testing and antibody testing. Viral tests determine if you currently have an infection while antibody tests determine if you have had the virus previously. There are 2 common types of viral tests: molecular and antigen.  Molecular tests are the most sensitive, as they look for the viral DNA, whereas antigen tests look for surface markers.  Our ID NOW test is an NAAT (nucleic acid amplification) test.

  • The ID NOW test was designed to be used in “point of care” environments and ideal for places like The Urgency Room, where samples are not transported offsite, are run immediately, and patients are not staying for long periods of time. The goal is to provide highly accurate, rapid testing to identity infection quickly and in-turn, reduce the spread. 

COVID Care & All Other Symptoms of Concern: 

  • If you are stable and experiencing COVID symptoms that require medical care, visit any one of our three locations.
  • Our emergency-trained providers are prepared to deliver the care you need.

Questions About Whether You Should Schedule a Test:

If you have questions about testing please reference the MDH website for further guidance. Return-to-work or school related questions? Please see the CDC guidelines for additional helpful information.

Other Symptoms and Concerns in Need of Care:

Visit any one of our three facilities in Eagan, Woodbury or Vadnais Heights for your medical concerns.  We can diagnose and treat a broad range of injuries and ailments. We'll have you feeling better fast.

We will continue to do our part at The Urgency Room to stay on top of the latest information. Our number one priority is protecting our patients, staff, and the communities we serve.

COVID Testing Fees:

Our estimated in-person cost for COVID testing is $225.00. This estimate combines testing and a visit with an Urgency Room provider. The estimated charge for an online visit for COVID testing is $138.00. These amounts can change based on services received.***Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage or patient responsibility for any COVID related visits.  We are unable to quote insurance applied patient responsibility for COVID visits.  


Review our Covid Testing FAQs


Telehealth:  A Safe Option for COVID Testing & Symptoms:

At The Urgency Room, we provide online alternatives for patients seeking a safer, more convenient way to check in with a medical professional. By choosing an online visit, you’re doing your part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 as well as protecting yourself from viral exposure or unnecessary physical strain if you’re feeling sick. 

Start Your Video Visit Now

Whether you’re concerned about COVID-19 or you need an examination that does not require your physical appearance at a clinic—whatever the reason for a virtual visit—our telemedicine services are more than capable of assisting you. 

What Is Telemedicine?

Any time medical professionals use technology for the examination or diagnosis of a patient, they are exercising telemedicine. While telemedicine as a practice has been around for quite some time now, it’s gained a lot of popularity thanks to the widespread accessibility of good quality video calling via computer programs and phone apps. 

Should I Still Start a Virtual Visit, Even if I Don’t Have COVID-19 Symptoms?

You should always err on the side of caution and get a COVID test if you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or you have reason to believe you may have contracted the virus. We will help you determine the best course of action and get things moving for your rapid COVID test. 

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***If you think you are experiencing a medical emergency please dial 911 immediately or visit the nearest hospital emergency room.