COVID Care at The Urgency Room

You must see a provider for all COVID testing at The Urgency Room. We are not a testing-only facility.


Meet with a provider ONLINE to receive a COVID test:

  • Click the below to schedule an online visit.
  • We will send you a link via text/email to see a provider online at your scheduled time.
  • After your online visit: go to The Urgency Room for your test.
  • We'll text you as soon as your results are ready.


Visit us in-person for care and treatment for your symptoms:

  • Our providers will review and address your COVID symptoms and concerns.
  • We cannot guarantee you will receive a COVID test but we can treat your symptoms.
  • Visit our locations page to check current wait times and to find the Urgency Room nearest you.

What test does The Urgency Room Use?

Our test is a lab-based molecular COVID test. We use the Abbot ID NOW test, an NAAT (nucleic acid amplification) test. This is a rapid viral test offering same-day results.  Typically, there are two types of tests for COVID-19: viral testing and antibody testing. Viral tests determine if you currently have an infection while antibody tests determine if you have had the virus previously. There are 2 common types of viral tests: molecular and antigen.  Molecular tests (administered at The Urgency Room) are the most sensitive, as they look for the viral DNA, whereas antigen tests look for surface markers.  

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