COVID Testing FAQs

How do you sign up for rapid COVID testing?   

  • At this time all COVID testing must be scheduled online.  Visit our COVID Testing page to find out more information.

  • We're happy to see you in-person to care for your symptoms and concerns related to COVID however, we cannot guarantee you will be tested.  Only scheduled appointments are guaranteed a test.

  • We understand COVID testing is in high demand.  If you are unable to schedule an appointment and need to be tested right away please visit the MDH for additional testing opportunities across Minnesota:  COVID Community Testing Options in Minnesota 

What type of test does The Urgency Room Use?

Our test is a lab-based COVID test . We use the Abbot ID NOW test, an NAAT (nucleic acid amplification) test. This is a viral rapid test offering same-day results.  Typically, there are two types of tests for COVID-19: viral testing and antibody testing. Viral tests determine if you currently have an infection while antibody tests determine if you have had the virus previously. There are 2 common types of viral tests: molecular and antigen.  Molecular tests (administered at The Urgency Room) are the most sensitive, as they look for the viral DNA, whereas antigen tests look for surface markers.

The ID NOW test was designed to be used in “point of care” environments and ideal for places like The Urgency Room, where samples are not transported offsite, are run immediately, and patients are not staying for long periods of time. The goal is to provide highly accurate, rapid testing to identity infection quickly and in-turn, reduce the spread. 

What is the accuracy of the Rapid ID Now COVID test and what about false negatives?

Abbot states that various studies are demonstrating ID NOW COVID molecular test performance is between ≥94.7% and ≥98.6% agreement. At The Urgency Room, you’ll be tested for COVID and assessed by a doctor for your unique situation; a provider will talk with you about your plan including the plan in the case of a false negative. 

What is a scheduled online appointment?

Scheduled online appointments are available daily from 8am to 8pm.  You must be in Minnesota at the time of visit. Log at your scheduled time and meet with one of our Urgency Room clinicians online. Upon completion of your video-visit, you will be instructed to go to The Urgency Room to complete your test -we'll be waiting for you.  You will administer the COVID test yourself.  We will contact you as soon as your results are available.

Why do you have to visit the clinic for an online appointment?

You must visit the clinic to conduct the actual test.  The wait will be minimal as you will administer the test yourself and you will not have to wait for the results.  We will contact you as soon as your results are available.

Can you walk-in for COVID testing?

We're happy to see you in-person to care for your symptoms and concerns related to COVID however, we cannot guarantee you will be tested.  We understand the demand is high however only scheduled appointments are guaranteed a test at this time.

Can I sign up for an online visit if I am experiencing SYMPTOMS of COVID?

Yes, as long as your symptoms are stable, our telehealth platform can be a great option for COVID symptoms and concerns.  As we mentioned before, if it's determined after your visit you should be or prefer to be tested, you can go to The Urgency Room following your visit to complete the test and have your results in minutes.

Already had your visit and looking for your results?

Click the link below to log into our Urgency Room portal to view results and previous visits.  You can download our app or log in from any other personal device or computer.

The Urgency Room Telehealth App 

Find Additional Help Starting Your Online Visit

Can you drive up for COVID testing?

We do not offer any form of drive-through testing at this time.

Is COVID testing covered by your insurance?

We recommend you check with your individual insurance carrier on your testing coverage.  At The Urgency Room you will also see a provider.  Coverage for the test and visit will depend on your individual insurance plan and coverage.  Please call your insurance to validate your plan is in network with the The Urgency Room.

  • We encourage you to check your insurance companies guidelines for COVID testing prior to your visit.  
    • Most insurers have an information page dedicated to COVID testing FAQs
    • Please validate with your insurance plan that it is in network with The Urgency Room.
    • If you feel your bill is not correct, please contact your insurance company directly.
    • We are NOT a no-cost community testing location.  You can locate all free testing sites and clinics on the MDH website.

What happens if you don't have insurance?

Patients without insurance can visit The Urgency Room for testing.  For uninsured patients, we are billing the visit and test to local government programs available.  As coverage can't be guaranteed, the estimated charge for COVID testing for patients without insurance is between $138.00 and $225.00.  Additional charges could apply based on symptoms and treatment.

When can I return to work/school after my rapid COVID test?

Return to work and school requirements vary with each employer and institution.  We are following the CDC guidelines and are encouraging our patients with both positive and negative results to refer to their website:  CDC Guidance on Returning to Work

Are antibody tests available?

No, at this time we are not conducting antibody tests at The Urgency Room.

Looking for more COVID Information?

Click here for additional information on COVID and how we're keeping our patients and staff safe at The Urgency Room.

Still Have Questions About COVID Testing?

Send us a message and we'll get back to you!  Messages are returned within one business day, from 10am to 9pm, Monday through Friday.  Messages are not monitored on the weekends but we will follow up with you at the start of the next business week.

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