Kids are known for their fearlessness and curiosity, and while those are admirable characteristics that foster growth, sometimes they lead to trouble. Casts, bandages and stitches seem to be the necessary accessories throughout childhood, but when the time comes, do you know where to go? When your child doesn’t feel well or endures bumps and bruises, you want to get them the care they need fast—and The Urgency Room can provide just that.


The Urgency Room is an innovative take on urgent care. As freestanding facilities, each Urgency Room around the Twin Cities is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment to treat urgent medical needs in a fraction of the time than it would take at the average emergency room. Each UR is owned and operated by members of the Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA), meaning you’ll only receive excellent care by seasoned physicians who prioritize your child’s care.


The Urgency Room isn’t just known for its efficient care and short waiting times—it’s also known for its convenient locations and hours. Located in Eagan, Woodbury and Vadnais Heights, each Urgency Room sits right off major highways and is easily accessible. You can also depend on us to be open 365 days per year, including holidays, from 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. You can’t always predict when your young one will find its way into trouble, so that’s why our schedule was made to try and fit yours. When your child is most active, we’re ready in case anything should happen.


When Your Child Is Hurt, The Urgency Room Is Here

When your child needs care in a matter of minutes instead of hours, bring them to your nearest Urgency Room near Minneapolis or St. Paul. Our physicians are trained to handle acute injuries, broken bones, sprains, strains, stitches and illnesses. We can also ensure that your child has a nearby hospitals should your child need a higher level of care should their injuries be more severe than originally anticipated.


The Urgency Room is equipped to handle children. According to the Institute of Medicine, children “make nearly a third of all ER visits,” but “a mere 6% of hospitals have all the pediatric supplies they need.” With that fact in mind, consider the cost of going to a crowded emergency room, waiting long spans of time just to be seen, and then discovering your child can’t receive treatment for their injury because that ER isn’t equipped to handle them. Save the headache, worry and time by coming directly to your nearest UR for urgent pediatric care.


What does being equipped to treat children actually mean? It means having children-friendly equipment and staff on-site, i.e., smaller catheters and similar equipment. Aside from needing special equipment to handle smaller bones and veins, children also require special know-how. While they may appear to be, children aren’t just smaller versions of adults, therefore they can’t be treated like adults. Aside from smaller anatomies, children’s body temperatures rise quicker, fevers are hard to bring down, and illnesses may show different symptoms or come on more unexpectedly than in an adult. Because of this, physicians have to have pediatric knowledge under their belt, which many emergency rooms simply don’t have at the ready. Our Urgency Rooms are equipped with X-ray machines, CT scanners, ultrasounds, high-complexity labs and sedation for adults and children.


High Fevers and Children

If your child has developed a high temperature, it could be wise to consider seeking medical treatment, especially if it happened suddenly and unexpectedly. If a fever causes a child’s temperature to only reach 102 degrees Fahrenheit, ample rest and lots of fluids could keep a worsening fever at bay. However, if their temperature spikes above 102 degrees, seeking care is a safe choice. Even if nothing more is required than more rest, fluids and over-the-counter medicines, it’s better to be safe and be reassured that nothing more serious is happening with your child.


Dehydration often comes with high fevers. If your child isn’t taking in as much fluid as they should, odds are high that they are dehydrated. Coming to the Urgency Room ensures they can receive fluids with the catheters that are the right size. Many times hospitals or emergency rooms simply aren’t equipped with small enough I.V.s, meaning your child has to endure poke after poke while their veins are trying to be found. Don’t put them through that—come to where you know your child can be cared for right away with the right pediatric equipment.


Severe Headaches

If your child looks unlike itself and is very lethargic or apathetic toward even their favorite foods or TV shows, seek medical care soon. A minor headache can be helped with pain relieving medicines, however, a headache that incapacitates them is something to worry about. These headaches could arrive on their own or be accompanied by blurred vision, confusion, fever, etc., and could be a signifier of a more serious infection or illness, such as meningitis. If your child is overcome with pain from a sever headache, don’t wait! Seek medical aid at your nearest Urgency Care where we know how to assess, diagnose and treat children when they don’t feel well.


Broken Bones

When a child breaks a bone, it’s different than if an adult were to break the same bone. Broken bones are the fourth most common injury among children under six years of age. The younger the child, the more flexible are their bones. This makes them better at absorbing shock and enduring impacts. Having knowledge of children’s bones is critical to proper healing. Because kids’ bones are still growing, setting them incorrectly could cause them to heal poorly, with damage to growth plates at the ends of bones, or continue growth incorrectly (slow growth or even growth at an angle).


Children Are Priority at The Urgency Room

When it comes to your pediatric care needs, physicians at The Urgency Room are ready. From assessment to treatment, each location in Eagan, Woodbury and Vadnais Heights is equipped to care for your child when it comes to high fevers, broken bones, worrisome scrapes, severe headaches and more. Don’t waste precious time in the waiting room of an ER only to find out it doesn’t have what your child needs for proper care. When minutes matter, especially when it comes to the health of your child, come to your nearest Urgency Room today.


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