Skip The Waiting Room 

Check in from your phone as soon as you arrive

Check In From Your Car:

Text URGENCY to 34947

Avoid the waiting room, stay in your car and let us know you're here.  We'll let you know as soon as we're ready for you.

  • When you get to The Urgency Room, park and text URGENCY to 34947.
  • We'll send you a link to complete your registration from your phone.
  • We'll text you as soon as your room is ready.  Come on in, we'll be waiting for you.

***if you need immediate care, proceed directly to the lobby

Register Inside:

Everyone is welcome to come inside.

While checking in from your phone can be a great option, you can always come inside:

  • If you’re having an urgent or emergency situation
  • If you don’t feel comfortable using a mobile device
  • If you were dropped off and don’t have a care to wait in
  • If you prefer to check in at the front desk

Prefer to Register from a Computer or Tablet?

Click below to complete your registration.  We'll text your phone when we're ready for you:

Eagan Registration     Woodbury Registration      Vadnais Registration


Here's More Information About Us:

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