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We are transitioning to a new billing system. 
This information is for Urgency Room visits BEFORE July 31st.

If your visit was AFTER August 1st, please click here.  We appreciate your patience while we work through this transition.

A Sample Of Your Bill

Statements can be accessed using our Patient Portal. Please note, you may receive a separate bill from doctors or specialists assisting during your visit.

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Viewing a balance, or making a payment has never been easier. Please visit our Patient Portal, or contact us using the form below for any further assistance.

Our Patient Portal

Patients have the ability to view their balance, set up payment plans, update insurance, download statements and more.

A Sample Urgency Room Report

Helpful Information About Your Bill

The Urgency Room is staffed with board-certified emergency physicians and open 365 days a year. We’re located in Eagan, Vadnais Heights and Woodbury to tackle all your urgent medical needs without an appointment. If you think you are experiencing a medical emergency or need an ambulance, please call 911 immediately.

Your text message from The Urgency Room is regarding a recent visit to a hospital emergency department. The text message assists you in accessing your account with us and provides options for assistance if you have question.

Your bill from The Urgency Room is for the care received from one of our healthcare provider(s) during a recent visit to The Urgency Room.

In order to receive a copy of your statement, please log into the Patient Portal, our patient portal, below and click on “Download Statement”. Instructions will be provided on the multiple ways you can receive your statement there.

Yes, The Urgency Room will submit the bill to your insurance carriers first. We will also include Worker’s Compensation and Automobile insurance. You can log into the Patient Portal to modify or add multiple insurance policies to your account. If you have a secondary insurance company, a claim will be sent to the secondary insurance company after the primary insurance company pays first. You are then required to supply the pertinent billing information that the secondary insurer may require.

Most insurance plans require that you pay a co-payment, coinsurance or deductible for your health care expenses. Please contact your insurance company for further questions about your health care coverage. You may also log into our Patient Portal to ensure you have added your insurance carrier(s).

If you log into the Patient Portal  below with your details, you can find the option to pay your bill or set up a payment plan and make an initial payment. PatientFolio accepts all major credit cards.

For technical assistance, please call the following number: (651) 321-2531

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We're happy to provide a simple way for you to connect with us. Our patient outreach feature offers 24/7 access to online assistance to get the help you need. Complete the form below, and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours; or call us directly: (651) 321-2531.