Attention Patients:  COVID Scheduling now opens at MIDNIGHT each day

What is a rapid COVID test?

We are rapid testing with Abbott's ID NOW molecular test.  It is the fastest molecular point-of-care rapid test available today. The availability and ease-of-access of ID NOW delivers results in minutes to help reduce the risk of infection in society by detecting more positive results than would otherwise be found.

The ID NOW test, along with most of the COVID tests available today, is primarily designed for patients presenting with symptoms.

How do you sign up for rapid COVID testing?

You can now sign up online for rapid testing at MIDNIGHT (12:00AM) each day.  All rapid COVID tests must be scheduled online .  You can schedule a clinic appointment or a virtual appointment.  Both appointments require you to go to The Urgency Room to conduct the test itself.

Can you call in for an appointment?

No.  At this time, rapid appointments are only available online.  Appointments open up at MIDNIGHT (12:00AM), daily.

Why do the appointments open in the middle of the night?

Our scheduling system operates on a 12:00AM to 11:59PM schedule.  Some were able to get around our website and schedule earlier than intended.  This was leaving minimal appointments available at 7:00AM, therefore we are opening up the scheduling to everyone at midnight.  We want to make obtaining a test as fair as possible for all of our patients understanding our quantities are limited.  

How do I cancel my appointment?

To cancel your appointment please contact the clinic you were scheduled during regular business hours (8:00am to 10:00pm).  Notifying us of your cancelation timely allows us to open your appointment up to other patients. 

Can you walk-in for COVID testing?

No.  We are no longer offering walk-in COVID testing.  Patients who wish to be tested must sign up online.

What is the difference in a clinic and virtual appointment?

A clinic appointment includes meeting with our clinical team where they will check your vitals and conduct the test.  You will meet directly with an Urgency Room provider to review your results and discuss any treatment options necessary.

Virtual appointments are for patients currently in Minnesota at the time of visit.  Virtual appointments begin with an online with a video visit. Upon completion of your online visit, you will go to The Urgency Room to conduct the test yourself and are free to go.  Your test will be processed and you will be notified when your results are available.

Why do you have to visit the clinic for a virtual visit?

You must visit the clinic to conduct the actual test.  The wait will be minimal as you will administer the test yourself and you will not have to wait for the results.  We will contact you as soon as your results are available.

How many tests are available each day?

Our daily testing capacity depends on test availability.  The number of tests we receive each week varies; therefore we are scheduling what we have received.  We do not have an unlimited supply but we are doing our best to continue to service the high community demand for rapid testing.

Why are the appointments always filled so fast?

The appointments are available each day at midnight (12:00AM) daily.  Because there is such a high demand and we only have so many available, the spots are typically filled within minutes.  We are making all the tests we have available and doing our best to supply them to the community.  We encourage you to check back the following day as well as periodically throughout the day.  As patients cancel, additional testing spots do open up.

What if I cant get through and I need a test?

Please check the Minnesota Department of Health's website for the latest on testing locations across Minnesota.  We are all working together to meet the high demand.

Can you sign up for more than one test? 

You can request more than one test for people in the same family and household based on test availability.  You may not request tests for friends or significant others.

What happens when you show up for your rapid COVID test? 

Let the front desk staff know you have a rapid test scheduled. You will be registered and will either be shown to a patient room or a restroom to conduct your test as soon as a room is available.  ***please note:  because we are a walk-in medical facility, you may wait longer than your scheduled time for your test if our providers are caring for other more urgent or emergent patients.  We are doing our best to be with you as quickly as we can.  We appreciate your patience. 

Can you drive up for COVID testing?

We do not offer any form of drive-through testing at this time.

Is COVID testing covered by your insurance?

We recommend you check with your individual insurance carrier on your testing coverage.  At The Urgency Room you will also see a provider.  Coverage for the test and visit will depend on your individual insurance and plan. The estimated charge for COVID testing for patients without insurance is $225.00.  Additional charges could apply based on symptoms and treatment.

When can I return to work/school after my rapid COVID test?

Return to work and school requirements vary with each employer and institution.  We are following the CDC guidelines and are encouraging our patients with both positive and negative results to refer to their website:  CDC Guidance on Returning to Work

What is the accuracy of the Rapid ID NOW COVID test and what about false negatives?

Abbot states that various studies are demonstrating ID NOW COVID molecular test performance is between ≥94.7% and ≥98.6% agreement. At The Urgency Room, you’ll be tested for COVID and assessed by a doctor for your unique situation; a provider will talk with you about your plan including the plan in the case of a false negative.   

As mentioned, The ID NOW test, along with most of the COVID tests available today, is primarily designed for patients presenting with symptoms.

Are antibody tests available?

No, at this time we are not conducting antibody tests at The Urgency Room.

Still Have Questions About COVID Testing?

Send us a message and we'll get back to you!  Messages are returned within one business day, from 10am to 9pm, Monday through Friday.  Messages are not monitored on the weekends but we will follow up with you at the start of the next business week.

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