Rapid COVID Testing at The Urgency Room 

Rapid COVID tests are available by appointment only at all Urgency Room locations. Click the button (available at 8:00am) to sign up. 

Book Appointment 

Appointment selection for the day will open each morning at 8:00am.  Slots will not be available prior to 8:00am.

 Select Location

  Select the number in your group ***members must be a part of the same household, limit 4 appointments per timeslot

 Select your preferred time

 Present to The Urgency Room at your scheduled time and check-in at the front desk

Appointment Confirmation:

You will receive a confirmation message.  If you do not receive confirmation as shown below your registration was not completed.

 confirmation page


Rapid Testing FAQs

More Information:

  • Timeslots are available at 8:00am daily and the appointments fill up very quickly, please continue to check back each morning for additional appointment times.
  • You can reduce the number in your group, or change your location to see if additional spots are available 
  • Online appointments for COVID testing is available for all patients with a concern for COVID.  You do not need to be symptomatic to sign up. 

***due to high demand, we are only able to accommodate 4 tests within the same timeslot, please book an additional appointment if your family requires more than 4 tests.

Please continue to watch our website frequently for updates and changes with COVID testing and our testing capabilities within our Urgency Rooms.

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