Scheduled Rapid COVID Testing

We are testing with Abbott's ID NOW molecular test delivering results in minutes.  This test, along with most of the COVID tests available today, is primarily designed for patients experiencing symptoms. 

Clinic Appointment:
Choose your location and time to visit The Urgency Room.  You will meet with a provider, receive the test and discuss your results at our clinic. >>>find out more

Schedule A Test NOW

  • Minors MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be tested.
  • You must be IN Minnesota to conduct a virtual test.
  • If there are no scheduled appointments available consider an on-demand appointment

Please note:  If seeking specific testing results for travel and/or other entry requirements please verify the test you need.  Our test is a MOLECULAR test. Please verify the specific test you need with your institution.  

Need to cancel your appointment? Call the clinic where you were scheduled during regular business hours (8am to 10pm).

Additional Information:

  • Please visit the MDH website for additional testing sites and locations if you are unable to get through.
  • Online appointments for COVID testing is available for all patients with a concern for COVID.  You do not need to be symptomatic to sign up. 
  • Due to high demand, we are only able to accommodate 4 tests within the same timeslot, please book an additional appointment if your family requires more than 4 tests.

Helpful Links:


Coronavirus/COVID Information

Additional COVID resources 

Please continue to watch our website frequently for updates and changes with COVID testing and our testing capabilities within our Urgency Rooms.

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