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  • If you are experiencing technical difficulties please call 651-300-0333.
  • Patients are seen in the order they are received. 
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Questions About Online Care:

What is Online Care?  

Online care at The Urgency Room gives you access to the same providers you would find onsite, from the convenience of your home.  Available from 8am to 8pm, daily, without an appointment.  Log on to get started.

How is The Urgency Room Different?  

At The Urgency Room we provide expert care from our emergency-trained providers when it works for you.  If you need a test (strep, flu, COVID, UTI), after your online visit is complete, we'll send you in for the test and let you know when your results are available.  No waiting necessary. See a list of common ailments and concerns we treat here.

If you need more care than we can provide online, we will send you to one of our clinics for further evaluation and there is no charge for your online visit.  We're here to make sure you get the care you need!

Where Are My Results?

You will receive a text (or email) when your results are available.  Log back into our online platform to view current and past visits.   Click here to visit our platform and click the orange LOG IN button in the upper right-hand corner.

Call our help desk for personal support locating your results:  651-300-0333.

If you wish to print your treatment plan, scroll to the bottom and click Print Summary to download and print the detail of current and past visits.

Need To Cancel Your Appointment?

Reply 9 to your confirmation text or call us directly from 8am to 9pm and we can remove you from the queue:

Woodbury:  651-789-7000
Eagan:  651-789-9900
Vadnais Heights:  651-789-6500

Need Help Trouble Shooting?

Call us at 651-300-0333 if you are having trouble!  Our help desk is available from 6am to 10pm every day. 

We'll walk you through your concerns and find you the assistance you need:

  • Assistance getting logged in
  • Help locating an existing account
  • Help finding your results
  • Questions about your visit
  • Trouble with your prescription

Want To Learn More?

Online Care FAQs

Understanding Online Care:

Should I Seek an Online Visit or Should I Go In?  

Thanks to technological advances, attending your health care visit in person is not always necessary. Of course, there are times when a health condition requires further attention—such as testing or more extensive examinations—that a video visit simply cannot deliver. 

You’ll want to head in for an in-person visit for the following reasons: 

  • You need a test administered that requires blood drawn
  • Your symptoms are severe
  • You require treatment for infections 
  • You require x-ray testing or CT scans 
  • You have concerns for a child less than 60 days old

Online care is typically used to assess mild symptoms or cases where the individual is relatively stable. 

If you’re not experiencing serious symptoms but you’re still unsure whether a telehealth visit is right for you, why not give it a try? Your medical professional will let you know if it’s time to come in. 

The Urgency Room offers local access to emergency providers so that you may safely receive the medical care you need without having to leave your home. All you need to do is create an account—but don’t worry! It’s not a lengthy process. 

The Benefits of The Urgency Room's Online Care 

For people seeking the best possible care with the least possible risk, you may be wondering: why are telemedicine visits gaining so much traction in the healthcare industry? There are several reasons. For many patients, the following benefits bring them to virtual visits:

  • Comfort. Let’s face it, you simply don’t need to be here in person for every symptom or medical question. Why not enjoy the comforts of home while you assess your health concerns?
  • Infectious disease prevention. COVID-19, influenza, the common cold—whatever the viral infection or disease, staying at home for a telehealth visit reduces your chance of both receiving and spreading these unwanted strains and those like them. 
  • Get some time back in your day. Whether you’re taking time off work for your visit or you have a jam-packed schedule of family activities, scheduling a telehealth visit will help you cut down on transportation and waiting room time. What may have been a two-hour endeavor could be cut down to as little as twenty minutes, depending on your visit.