Emergency care in MN for injuries & accidents

When accidents happen, minutes matter. Whether it’s an accident at the ball park or a tumble at home, if you're hurt, it’s important for you to visit with a physician as soon as possible. A medical professional can survey the injuries you’ve sustained, perform tests to examine the extent of the injuries, and guide you in how to move forward and put the accident behind you.

While many people are aware that urgent care is necessary, many are unsure where to turn. The traditional answer has been to head to a hospital emergency room. While hospital emergency rooms have access to the complete facility, they are often overcrowded and an emergency room visit can be a hassle and  take many hours to complete.

To avoid the long wait time and hassle, you may choose to visit an urgent care center. These facilities are faster than the emergency room, but without the hospital equipment and emergency-trained staff, these locations operate at a disadvantage.

Until recently, you were forced to choose between the greater treatment capabilities of a hospital emergency room and the greater speed of an urgent care center. But you no longer have to compromise.

When your injuries are severe, but you don't require an ambulance, The Urgency Room provides the capabilities of a hospital ER  and the shorter wait times of an urgent care center. With board certified emergency physicians and highly trained staff, we can treat you quickly, so you can be resting comfortably in no time.

Don’t let accidents or injuries keep you sidelined in a waiting room, visit The Urgency Room for fast, superior medical care.


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