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  1. Nothing makes you more of a grinch during the holiday season than a trip to the emergency room when you should be home enjoying good food, family and friends. Unfortunately, accidents are very common during the holiday season for a variety of reasons. Here are the top concerns you should steer clear of if you don't want to have a "bah humbug" attitude about the holidays this year: [...]
  2. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, falls are the leading cause of injury for children, and for all adults 35 and older. They account for almost half the hospitalized injuries and are the leading cause of injuries treated in emergency departments. [...]
  3. Between Aug.1, 2014, and June 30, 2015, a sampling of only 39 public high schools in Minnesota (8 percent of Minnesota's high schools) reported 704 sports-related concussions, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. [...]
  4. In the land of 10,000 lakes, we are blessed with an abundance of areas to swim, fish, boat and enjoy the water, especially after a long, cold winter. Certainly, there is nothing better than a day on the beach or the boat, but not all of those days end accident free. At The Urgency Room we see a variety of injuries from water activities. While many are accidents, others are purely preventable. [...]
  5. It’s an exciting milestone—your baby is eating real food! It’s also a scary transition since so many parents fear their child will choke. Now is a critical time to learn how to handle a choking incident. Carolyn McClain, MD, Medical Director of The Urgency Room has helped us put together a list of top tips for preventing and handling a choking incident. [...]
  6. There’s nothing worse: You’ve waited months for your vacation and now you’re sick. Certainly, there are some situations that are out of our control when it comes to vacation, but preparation goes a long way when it comes to a getaway that goes off without a hitch. [...]
  7. More than 246,000 people were treated at hospitals, doctors’ offices, and emergency rooms for injuries related to winter sports in 2015, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. [...]
  8. Most people who have experienced the flu DO NOT skip their flu shot. Need more convincing? Have a seat; these facts might take your breath (and fear of needles) away. [...]
  9. It’s a simple fact: If we don’t understand information about our health, we are less likely to take control of it. [...]
  10. VADNAIS HEIGHTS — What is good leadership? How can a company sustain itself for 30, 100 or 150 years? How can we better serve our communities? [...]
  11. As parents, we’re pretty good at the big things when it comes to our children and their safety. We make sure they’re wearing their seatbelts; we put helmets on them when they bike and life jackets when they swim. [...]
  12. It bugs! I’m talking about all the itching, scratching, swelling and big red spots Minnesota bugs can leave on us this season. [...]
  13. It feels like seasickness or that dizzy moving feeling some of us get when we step off a rollercoaster. [...]
  14. A child says he doesn’t feel good and it’s the first thing mom checks: his forehead. [...]
  15. Research shows that the death rate from heart attack and stroke tends to spike around the holiday season. The numbers include both fatal and non-fatal heart attacks, as well as a less serious, alcohol-induced condition called “holiday heart syndrome” that causes the heart to beat irregularly. [...]
  16. Minnesota high school students suffered nearly 3,000 sports-related concussions during the 2013-14 school year, according to estimates based on voluntary reports to the Minnesota Department of Health by schools in the Twin Cities. While the concussions range from mild to severe, the point is that each one is considered a brain injury and that’s serious business [...]
  17. Kids all over the Twin Cities are enjoying our short spring and summer months, tackling outdoor activities at full speed! The truth is, summer brings on some of the most dangerous activities and equipment when it comes to the safety of our children [...]
  18. Don’t Get Burned This Summer Byline: Dr. Kurt Belk Sunshine, fireworks and roaring bonfires! Sound like some of your favorite things about summer vacation? They’re also among the top activities that bring patients to us at The Urgency Room. In fact, burns are one of the most common injuries we see, especially during the summer months. Fortunately, these injuries are preventable. [...]
  19. See our very own Dr. Currie on Fox 9's Buzz. Find out how to protect yourself from ticks. [...]
  20. Watch the UR's Dr. McClain on Kare 11 with great tips on how to stay healty while traveling. [...]
  21. Sure, spring allergies are a pain. But, for those with asthma, allergies can be life threatening. Asthma attacks, which can be triggered by allergies, are very scary, especially for those who are not prepared with medications to open their airways [...]
  22. Heart disease is second to cancer as the leading cause of death in Minnesota. February is American Heart Month and a great time to educate ourselves about this vital organ. Because seconds count during a heart attack, the lack of knowledge truly is deadly considering heart disease is the #1 killer of both men [...]
  23. Parents all over the country and here in the metro are concerned now that the Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed cases of enterovirus 68 or EV-D68. [...]
  24. June is National Men's Health Month Screenings, health fairs, media appearances and other events are being held all over the country to celebrate National Men’s Health Month. The idea is to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and to encourage detection and treatment of diseases most common in men and boys. [...]
  25. Tick, tick, tick… It’s time to prepare for tick season Tick season is digging its tiny claws in! The little buggers are starting to make their way onto our legs, arms, heads, necks and even behind our ears! Sure, ticks are a nuisance. They’re also a health concern that’s getting worse. [...]
  26. Brain injury awareness: it’s a no-brainer. There are several reasons, none of which have to do with the NFL or the Vikings. The concern locally is what this case highlights in terms of the serious consequences of head injuries and how those consequences affect our student athletes. [...]
  27. March is National Kidney Month Carolyn McClain is medical director of The Urgency Room in Woodbury March is National Kidney Month and a good time to consider the importance of your kidneys. For example, did you know [...]
  28. Tips to Enjoy Your Winter Getaway, Dr. Chad Trierweiler, The Urgency Room in Eagan After a winter with record breaking cold temperatures and lots of snow, Twin Citians have had it! They’re getting the heck out of dodge (or Minnesota) and heading to warmer climates. And, there’s no doubt many of you have laid down a good chunk of change and vacation time to enjoy a much needed break. That’s why you don’t want sickness before or during your trip to ruin your much-needed getaway. [...]
  29. Do you know the signs and symptoms of heart disease? Dr. Kurt Belk of The Urgency Room helps to keep us informed. Every minute, a woman in this country dies of cardiovascular disease. February is Women’s Heart Health Month. Unfortunately, one of the largest obstacles in the way of heart health is knowledge. Too many women are not aware of the warning signs of a heart attack or other serious cardiovascular conditions. [...]
  30. Emergency Physicians Professional Association, which operates three standalone emergency rooms in the Twin Cities, has named Rob Thomas CEO. [...]
  31. MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA), creators of The Urgency Room (UR) in Woodbury and Eagan along with Allina Health are proud to announce the opening on August 15th of the third UR location in Vadnais Heights just two blocks east of I-35E at the northeast corner of County Road E and Labore Road. [...]
  32. The 12,565-square-foot medical facility can treat anything from broken bones to heart attack symptoms, and is faster and friendlier than traditional hospital ERs, according to Urgency Room owner Dr. Gary Gosewisch. [...]
  33. The 12,565-square-foot medical facility can treat anything from broken bones to heart attack symptoms, and is faster and friendlier than traditional hospital ERs, according to Urgency Room owner Dr. Gary Gosewisch. [...]
  34. A large group of emergency room physicians is joining with the Allina Health System to open a health center in Vadnais Heights that’s a cross between an emergency room and an urgent care center. [...]
  35. Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA), creators of The Urgency Room (UR) in Woodbury, and Allina Health are proud to announce plans for a third UR location in Vadnais Heights. [...]
  36. Physicians and executives with Emergency Physicians Professional Association stand with shovels in hand beside representatives of RJM Construction and Collaborative Design Group architects [...]
  37. The Eagan City Council has approved a second walk-in, free-standing emergency clinic from the Minnetonka-based Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA). The council gave its [...]
  38. A large group of emergency medicine doctors is opening a new health center in Eagan that’s a hybrid between an emergency room and an urgent care center. Going by the name the “Urgency Room,” [...]
  39. A study of more than 15,000 children found that emergency room visits for trauma in children peak in the month of June. Why? There are six main reasons according to Emergency Room physician [...]
  40. The abnormal winter we’ve experienced this season doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about the cold or flu this season. It is a good idea to have the knowledge to help you look for certain symptoms [...]
  41. Emergency Physicians, which provides doctors for hospitals emergency rooms around the Twin Cities, is scheduled to open a standalone clinic in Woodbury on Oct. 4 that will treat roughly 80 percent [...]
  42. WOODBURY TO GET A HYBRID CLINIC The Urgency Room, which its operators say is the middle ground between the ER and urgent care, is set to open in Woodbury in October. Run by the Emergency Physicians Professional Association [...]