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When Telehealth is a Good Option

Many health concerns can be managed via video visit.  Others just need a video discussion and quick test.  Start a telehealth visit if you’re concerned about any of the following:


When You Need More Care

If you need more care than we can give you in a telemedicine visit, we’ll get you into The Urgency Room as quickly as possible to continue your visit in person. 

 What to Expect

When you click the link to start your telehealth visit, you’ll be asked to complete some brief patient information. Then you’ll be placed in the virtual waiting room. A healthcare provider will see you as quickly as possible.  If your visit requires any additional testing or evaluation you will be instructed to visit one of our clinics.  We'll be waiting for you.

Find step by step instructions below:

Already had your telehealth visit and looking for your results?

Click the link below to log into our Urgency Room portal to view results and previous visits:

The Urgency Room Telehealth App 

 Here’s how to make sure you get the care you need:

Allow any popups that ask you for access to your camera and microphone

Use a device with a camera and microphone — a computer is preferred

Switch to wifi instead of cellular service if you're on a smartphone or tablet

If your telehealth visit is disrupted by a technical difficulty, you may receive a phone call from our staff. Please answer your phone if you’re disconnected.


Have questions? See our FAQs.