What is an Online Visit?

Online care or otherwise commonly know as telehealth refers to the use of technologies to provide medical care when you and the provider are not together or in-person.  Online care can be used to treat minor illnesses virtually resulting in benefits:

  • Limiting physical contact reduces exposure to COVID-19
  • Virtual visits can address health issues wherever patients are, even from the comfort of home
  • Using virtual health care tools can shorten wait times to see a provider and expand the range of access to specialists without access to medical care

Online care is not intended for medical emergencies or serious medical concerns.  

How does an Online visit work at The Urgency Room?

Our online care is offered by appointment from 8am to 8pm, daily at The Urgency Room.  Click the link to start your virtual visit.  We will collect some quick information about you and your reason for visit and you will enter our virtual waiting room.  From there you will meet with a clinician online who will listen to your concerns and assess your needs and treatment plan.

Schedule an Online Visit

What if I need to be tested?

We are able to assess you online and send you to one of our locations for a number of quick testing.  After your online visit you may be instructed to go to The Urgency Room to conduct additional tests.  Upon arrival you will take a quick test and you are free to go.  We will notify you as soon as your results are in, no need to wait!

Example testing includes:

  • Strep testing
  • COVID testing
  • Influenza testing
  • UTI testing

What if I need a prescription?

If your provider determines a prescription is necessary, the information will be sent to your preferred pharmacy for processing.  

What if I end up needing more care?

If it is determined you need additional care appropriate for one of our Urgency Rooms we will encourage you to visit the location most convenient to you.  The provider will talk with the staff at the site to transfer the care.  We'll be waiting for you when you arrive.  Any telehealth fees will be waived if you continue your care at any of our three Urgency Room locations.  If the provider feels you need immediate attention, you will be instructed to call 911 immediately. 

Can I do an online visit for COVID symptoms?

Yes, as long as your symptoms are stable, our telehealth platform can be a great option for COVID symptoms and concerns.  As we mentioned before, if it's determined after your visit you should be or prefer to be tested, you can go to The Urgency Room following your visit to complete the test and have your results in minutes.

Already had your online visit and looking for your results?

Click the link below to log into our Urgency Room portal to view results and previous visits:

The Urgency Room Telehealth App 

Is online care covered by my insurance?

We recommend you check with your individual insurance carrier on your specific coverage prior to receiving treatment.

How much does online care cost? 

The estimated charge for an online visit is $138.00.  This price can change based on any lab testing or additional services required.   

Can I use online services to receive a COVID antibody test?

No, at this time we are not conducting antibody testing at The Urgency Room.

Still Have Questions About Online Care at The Urgency Room?

Send us a message and we'll get back to you!  Messages are returned within one business day, from 8am to 4pm, Monday through Friday.  Messages are not monitored on the weekends but we will follow up with you at the start of the next business week.

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