The Minnesota Urgent Care Alternative

Have you ever considered a walk in medical clinic as an alternative to the urgent care or even your primary care physician? Maybe it is time to rethink your old methods of seeking medical care. A walk in medical clinic is the ideal place to receive fast and effective medical care. Most walk in medical clinics are able to provide with you very similar services to an urgent care while being faster and an overall better experience. Of course, for life threating medical emergencies you should always call 911 immediately. However, if you can drive, walk or get a ride, look to awalk in medical clinic like The Urgency Room to get you feeling better fast.

The great thing about walk in medical clinics is that they are popping up almost everywhere! This can put you at ease if you are vacationing from another state and need medical attention. The Urgency Room is prepared to treat a broad range of illnesses and injuries from allergies, stiches and broken bones to chest and abdominal pain.  Put yourself and your family at ease knowing that you can have prompt medical attention if you slip and fall or too much fun in the sun finds you needing to see a doctor.  A Walk in medical clinic works the same way as a doctor’s office, but is more convenient for the working family.   The Urgency Room is open 365 days a year from 8 am to 10 pm.  This type of clinic is ideal when you need to seek immediate medical care or when you are not within reasonable distance of your normal doctor’s office.  Consider this type of medical clinic when you know that waiting in a crowded waiting room would be frugal to your healing time.

Whether you live in the Minnesota area or are visiting the area and are in need of a walk in medical clinic look to The Urgency Room! We have three locations with current wait times available on our website.  Learn more about our services, locations and qualified staff at


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