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Reduced Wait & Expert Care from Emergency Physicians in Woodbury MN

As our very first location, The Urgency Room of Woodbury has had its doors open since 2010.   On October 1st, 2020, we move to a new Woodbury location off 494 and Tamarack Road.  We are so excited to be in our new space. Now, with an even more convenient location, the Woodbury community and the surrounding neighborhoods can seek the care and attention they need at The Urgency Room in Woodbury.  We promise the highest-quality medical care without a long wait.

Board-certified emergency physicians are here 365 days per year, including holidays, to ensure you receive the urgent care you need without having to wait for hours in a packed waiting room. You have options when you need immediate care, head to The Urgency Room of Woodbury to receive fast and reliable care from the moment you step in the door.

We serve and treat patients from 8am to 9pm, daily. 

New UR

How Is The Urgency Room Different?

We foster an innovative take on immediate medical care and realize the importance of receiving care when you need it most, not waiting for hours for treatment. Our locations in Woodbury, Eagan and Vadnais Heights are well-equipped with experienced staff and extensive equipment to meet an impressive spectrum of urgent medical needs.

The Urgency Room of Woodbury offers:

  • 9 private treatment rooms
  • 1 procedure room
  • 1 consult/triage room
  • Board-certified emergency physicians
  • Highly experienced nurses and paramedics
  • Full CT equipment, ultrasound and radiology capabilities
  • High-complexity lab

Our high standards ensure you receive the best care possible from the moment you walk in the door—whether that be with our friendly and personable staff or with our emergency physicians while you’re being taken care of. It’s easily accessible by those in Woodbury or the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.

Our seasoned board-certified emergency physicians can treat anything from pains and coughs to stitches and breaks in infants, children and adults. We realize the importance of your care and put you as our number 1 priority. All Urgency Room locations are owned and operated by Emergency Physicians Professional Association (EPPA), so you can always count on receiving the best care possible. Our physicians also work at busy emergency rooms around the Twin Cities, helping as many patients as possible.

What Can I Go to The Urgency Room For?

Our seasoned physicians are highly trained and can tackle a huge variety of medical injuries and ailments. Take a look at some of what we can treat right in Woodbury. The key to living a healthy life is to take care of yourself and your body. If you have a chronic cough or ache, you could be prolonging and even worsening the damage being caused to your body.

One thing that may be preventing you from seeking the care you need is the wait. It takes time to schedule an appointment with your doctor and wait for your appointment date to approach. The Urgency Room, however, is different. You can always look at real-time updates to wait times for each location on our website, or you can call to check how long you might expect to wait once you arrive. When you wait less to be seen, you wait less to be treated and the quicker you can be back to your healthiest self.

Our physicians are capable of assessing, diagnosing and treating minor coughs to severe pains. Some of what we treat includes:

Caring for the People of Woodbury

The Urgency Room has three locations all focused on putting the patient first.

The Urgency Room of Woodbury can do so much for you, but to see a comprehensive list of our high-quality and efficient services, please look over our frequently asked questions or call us at 651-789-7000 with specific questions or concerns.

Address: 7115 Tamarack Road Suite 150, Woodbury, MN 55125

Phone Number: (651) 789-7000

Hours: Open 8am - 9pm 365 days a year (including holidays)

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